It was a good day

Despite my well-chronicled admiration of the greatest selling duo of all time, those guys aren’t the only artists in my musical library.

Eclectic is perhaps the best way to describe my musical tastes. More specifically, on my portable MP3 player Hendrix, Kennys G, Lattimore and Rogers, Elmo (Zoe’s long outgrown the little red guy, but I can’t bear to remove him), my ATL neighbors (yeah right) T.I. and Usher, along with a Frankie from Hoboken, a Frankie who went to Hollywood and a Frankie with his band Maze and many others live in perfect digital harmony. 

Another artist in my musical library is Ice Cube. I only have one of his singles – a track titled It Was a Good Day.

I won’t link to the video for this song. You’re welcome to look it up. Gracious host that I am, I can understand and respect that some of you might not be too comfortable with Mr. Cube’s choice of lyrics. 

Let’s just say the song is a about a guy reflecting on his day, what went right and what didn’t go wrong. 

I had one of those days this past Friday.

No, I wasn’t in South Central and thankfully there were no AKs involved. It’s just that more good things than bad happened and basically, it was a good day! 

I’m glad this song popped up on my drive home. 

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes life can indeed imitate art!


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