Professor X

Did you catch X-Men First Class last year? The movie is a story of the early days of the Marvel comics mutant superhero team. One of the lead characters is Charles Xavier – aka Professor X. His mutant power is the ability to read and control minds.

Photo from X-Men: First Class © 20th Century Fox

The character’s go to move in the film is placing his fingers against his temple. That’s to signal the audience that he’s using his mental superpowers. (It’s reminiscent of when the Bionic Woman swept her blond locks behind her ear to activate her bionic hearing!)

I thought about Professor X this past week. Not so much having the mutant ability to read and control minds. I was thinking more about the character’s go to move in the film, because on more than one occasion I thought it would be helpful to use this tell to indicate to someone that I don’t know what the heck they were talking about and perhaps if I could read their mind, maybe I would have a better understanding of what they were trying to say.

The more I think about it, I think I will make that my thing – when simply asking for clarification fails and I don’t know or can’t understand what you’re saying, I’ll pretend I’m Professor X, with fingers along the temple and a serious inquisitive look on my face. Who knows, maybe it’ll trigger some mutant telepathic powers.

Of course, I could always wish to be Wonder Woman. While I wouldn’t look too hot in a red satin bustier, I could get a lot of use out of that golden lasso of truth. Although it seems such a waste of time to have to hogtie someone to get them to say what they mean.




  1. Pamela Courtney

    Ha! We’ve all needed the Professor’s ability at one time or another. Your post is funny and on the money. So many of us have difficulty effectively getting our ideas across. Unfortunately, those with poor communication skills don’t recognize that they’re lacking in that area. Others of us are too polite to let the poor sap know that we don’t get their message__kind of a two way street, wouldn’t you say?


  2. Karen

    I like the universal translator idea! Unfortunately, the fingertips to temple move is my go-to when I’m really upset and trying not to cry.
    I may have to work on a different move for “what in the world are you talking about?”


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