Back to school – part 2

I wasn’t expecting to ramble on any further about the start of the new school year, that is until I saw my daughter this morning all geared up and gussied up for the first day.

I succeeded in keeping my over-active sentimentality in check until I saw her wheeling her new backpack down the street (more than a few steps ahead of the old man). It hit me (quiet hard) that it was only four years ago that Mrs. M and I delivered a shy, apprehensive little girl to her first day of Kindergarten.

That was then…

Kindergarten Day 1

Zoe, much like her mom, can’t take a bad picture, but there are a few very important things the 4th grade photo below doesn’t show.

What you can’t see is an increasing level of confidence, a fearlessness and a growing desire to learn.  Another thing you don’t see is worry.

Let me explain.

This year Zoe will have one of our schools  stronger disciplinarians (something an old Catholic school boy like me appreciates and is pretty comfortable with). We talked about this and I stressed to her that her new teacher is going to be a little tougher than her previous educators. She let me rant and wring my hands for several minutes before waving me off with a breezy, light-hearted “…I got this!”

You know what, I think she does!

4th Grade Day 1


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