At the movies

I caught Expendables 2 this past weekend.

And I wasn’t alone. According to published reports, members of my demographic made up the majority of movie goers in attendance this opening weekend.

No big surprise here.

Yeah, I know I should have seen Sparkle, Whitney’s last work. Of course, I could have been a good parent and taken Zoe to see ParaNorman. Heck, maybe I should have gotten my romantic comedy grove on and caught Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. (Hey Sly, please give Tommy a call).

But the lure of Rambo, John McClane and the Terminator in the same film (and for a few explosive minutes toward the end, the same frame) is like mother’s milk (or daddy’s beer) to those of us who came of age during the eighties.

Movies of this genre are an acquired taste, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you don’t care to catch this flick.

It also doesn’t bother me that many of the reviews of this film tend to focus more on Sly’s – shall we say – facial enhancements than giving a decent criticism of the work. But what’s to criticize? Good guys win, bad guys get blown up.

Expendables 2 is a fun movie with serious action from – in my view – a cast of performers who are having fun not taking themselves all that seriously.

(Here comes the John-logic philosophic observation)

Maybe it’s not a bad thing for those of us of a certain age (and older)
to ease up on being so serious and celebrate that – metaphorically
speaking – we still have a few blockbusters left in us!

Now, back to my push-ups!


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