Male pattern leadership

Ran across an interesting article this week. According to a Wharton School of Business study, guys with shaved heads are perceived as more dominant, more manly, and more suited for leadership roles (Why a prestigious institution like Wharton is researching baldness in the workplace is a question for another day).

I’ve been clean shaven for nearly 20 years and I’ve never thought much about how this impacts – for better or worse – my professional image.

For me, going all the way when my hairline started to retreat like France in the 40s, was more a vain style choice. I just wasn’t ready to embrace the Larry Fine look.

Silly me not to use being follicularly challenged as a stepping stone to some corner office gig!

Long time readers of these pages know I don’t like to talk too much about professional topics (very dangerous on a Saturday evening after a couple of pops), I will just say maybe the world (especially the business world) would be a better place if we focused more on what’s inside and not such external factors like hair – or the lack thereof.



  1. Sirena

    Funny post. I do agree – we should all judge more by the inside than the outside…Should, but rarely do…And as for the baldness, I think Michael Jordan helped make it popular. So much better than the comb-over!


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