As I said in an earlier post, I have friends and family members who run half and whole marathons, biathlons, triathlons, fly planes, jump out of planes, run with bulls, cross outside the crosswalk and a list of other rugged activities.

That’s why I’m not going to scream too loudly from the rooftops about running a scant 5 kilometers this morning.

I just ask that you indulge me for a few minutes, please, while I scream just a little bit! 

I finished the Winship Win the Fight 5K in just a shade over 38 minutes (a time comparable to my treadmill practice times, except I didn’t take into consideration that my basement isn’t as hilly as the streets around Emory University). I didn’t really run this race to beat the clock. My goal was to simply shake off the two years worth of dust from my sneakers (Yes, the cool kids call them running shoes. Only old timers like me still use the word ‘sneakers’ ) and support a facility that’s been very good to me over the past two years.

Certainly I won’t be chasing gold through the streets of Rio in 2016, but I may take another shot at knocking out another 5K in the not so distant future.

Most importantly, I set a goal and achieved it.

Rocking the frontal fanny pack

Not to get far too deep for a Saturday evening, but completion of these 3.1 miles may serve as the model and inspiration for some other activities in my life that deserve similar focus with an eye toward completion (like those Merengue lessons I’ve been putting off).



  1. Kevin Surbaugh

    I have a friend in Chicago that loves to run, Me my feet bother me to much for that, not to mention that I am out of shape. I couldn’t run 100 meters let alone 5k, a half marathon or full marathon.


  2. John Spivey

    That is fantastic! I’m in my forties and have run a few half marathons. Thought I was going to run a full when I turned 40 but that will be a goal for another day. Congrats on the accomplishment!


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