Fixing the pipes

Brass stem assembly – $16
Seat spring – $4.48
Saving a plumbing repair bill – priceless!

While on the surface executing a minor bathroom repair may seem like a small home-improvement project; however, in my mind it represents one family’s stand against the plumbing industrial complex.

Led by the frugal Mrs. McCullough, we successfully stopped our dripping bathroom faucet.

Courtesy Delta

After a pre-project briefing – which consisted of a couple of You Tube ‘how to’ videos, we armed ourselves with a few replacement parts, a couple of tubes of elbow grease and dogged determination.

It only took an hour or four to get the job done and I’m proud to report that we only had one comedic Lucy and Ethel moment when we turned the water flow back on too soon.

Needless to say, I was simply the apprentice in this project. Mrs. McCullough is much handier than yours truly.

I swing a mean Allen wrench and I’ve yet to come across a piece of Ikea furniture that I couldn’t assemble, but Mrs. McCullough is the rightful wearer of the tool belt when it comes time for improvement initiatives around Casa McCullough.

No disrespect to Joe (where is he this election cycle?) and the other members of the plumbing fraternity (and sorority), but on this day and this project, we got all HGTV on it and did it ourselves.

I won’t be trading in my PRSA card for a plumber’s union card any time soon, but as recently chronicled in these Chronicles, it’s always beneficial to stretch outside of one’s comfort zone.

P.S. The image above is similar to the one we fixed. I’m all about full disclosure, but taking pictures in my bathroom is a little more disclosure than my old school sensibilities are inclined to provide!



  1. Reno Lovison (@renoweb)

    There are certain home improvement projects that the average person should not be afraid to do and this is one of them. I applaud your courage and resourcefulness and bless YouTube and all the thankless contributors who have taken the time to explain nearly everything there is to know.


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