My trade makes me laugh sometimes

This will be a short post. Frequent visitors know I keep any views relating to that thing I do from 9 to 5 behind a well-fortified firewall. But just this once, I’ll let a slight business related post slip through.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing controversial. It’s just a humorous observation.

Earlier today I dropped by a certain major retailer to buy a few pounds of candy for tonight’s Halloween festivities.

Clever marketer that this retailer is, often times at the end of a transaction you will receive a store coupon for an item related to something you’ve just purchased.

Not a new innovation, but effective just the same.

I had to laugh when upon completion of my candy purchase I receive a $1 off coupon for a sugar substitute product.

Customer profiling?

I wonder what algorithm came up with the formula that links a sugar substitute to Halloween candy?

Maybe I’ll take all this candy back and hand out artificial sweetener instead?!?



  1. Kevin Surbaugh

    I have often wondered how catalina coupons print. I mean you buy item a and it prints a coupon for item b, that seems to have nothing to do with anything you bought. — Thanks for alerting me on linkedin to this great new post


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