Going postal

Because – I think – I’m one of the handful of people who still write letters with ink on paper, I had occasion to visit the post office to pick up a book of stamps (they don’t really come in ‘books’ anymore, but I just like the sound of it and the memories it inspires).

I was in an adventurous mood, so instead of going to our usual not so impressive southwest Atlanta post office, I took a drive to the nearby College Park Post Office.

College Park Post Office

And I’m glad I did! Customer service is alive and well at the College Park Post Office.

For one thing, it’s a much older building, so it felt like I was back at the Post Office on the corner of Illinois and Pacific that I used to visit with my folks several decades ago.

Architecture aside, what really impressed me was the gentleman behind the counter. I was in line behind two women and this guy knew and addressed each woman by her name, “How you doing this morning Miss Johnson?”.

When I arrived at the counter, not knowing my name, he instead said, “how are you young man?” He then asked how he could help.

I haven’t been called ‘young man’ since I was a young man, so vain old fart that I am, I was immediately gushing over this rare example of friendly, customer service.

And it gets better!

Rather than just grabbing the first book of stamps off the shelf, he comes back with four design options, in case I wanted to spiff up my plain white envelope with a little variety (Thanks, but I kept it simple and went with the generic Stars and Stripes motif).

I’m sure we all know one or two humorous going postal jokes, that’s why it was a refreshing surprise to be greeted by such a courteous service-oriented professional.

Next time I need a book of stamps, I’ll certainly be returning to the College Park Post Office.



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