Dressing for success

I had an occasion to pick up a couple of new suits. I’m no clothes horse. In fact, I buy suits about as frequently as I fill out Census forms.

My shopping excursion was pretty uneventful. No surprise there. I’m a pretty basic black, blue or dark gray two button guy. 

The excitement came during the visit to the alterations counter.

Always game to hear a good upsell sales pitch, I listened to what my tailor had to say. Of course this was the guy who would soon be measuring my inseam, so I thought it was best not to piss him off.

It seems my favorite big box fashion superstore has procured the latest technology in the haberdashery trade.

It’s called Super Crease.

As I understand it, this new innovation imparts a permanent crease on one’s trousers.

Not a bad idea I suppose.

This permanent crease comes with a price – $10 additional to the cost to have the suit altered.

This is where he lost me.

My problem is I vividly remember those days buying suits at Robert Hall…Young Men’s Husky section…when alterations were complimentary.

Of course those days are gone and I’m fine with that. However, as attractive as an apocalypse withstanding permanent razor-sharp crease may be, the cheapskate in me just couldn’t come to terms with doling out an extra ten spot per suit.

Unfortunately, I had to decline. Graciously of course. After all, the guy had a pin cushion within uncomfortable proximity to my inseam.

I’m prepared for my life to go on as I endure the scorn and ridicule that comes with being the guy in the new suit with his head hung low in shame because he didn’t super crease his pants.

Goodbye corner office!



  1. newsblaze

    John, you’re still wearing suits? I think it must be almost 10 years since I last wore a suit. That’s what happens when you have a home office. – and no, I don’t sit around in my pyjamas.

    Like Nicole, I think you should have taken that upsell, even though the thought of being nickel and dimed every time you buy something, is enough to make your blood hit boiling point. It was a good deal!


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