My Pam Ewing moment

During the coverage of the recent death of Dallas star Larry Hagman, the scenes of ‘who shot J.R.?’ were shown frequently. Since then,  I’ve been thinking about another iconic image from that classic T.V. hit.


It was just a dream!

Remember the scene with Victoria (one of this writer’s post-pubescent, early 80s crushes) Principal’s “Pam Ewing” opening the shower door to see her dead husband Bobby in the shower?

As the story goes, “Bobby” – Patrick Duffy – was killed off in a previous season, but for reasons that escape me (maybe that Man from Atlantis movie deal fell through), he was brought back to the show. The premise of the shower scene was it was morning and Pam had just awakened, heard the shower running, opened the door and there’s Bobby—who tells her that his death – and ostensibly the entire preceding season – was a dream.

Of course this was fiction, but imagine if we could one day wake up and find that a preceding period of time – say 22 months – didn’t really occur and was a nightmare, uh, I mean a dream.

Imagine if you could, oh, I don’t know, wake up after a couple of years from a bad, oh I don’t know, hasty, impulsive decision – maybe a, oh I don’t know, career decision, and, oh I don’t know, find yourself happily back and again thriving in a position at an establishment you really respect and enjoy.

Despite this ultimately being a happy story of a happy, professional reset, I must abide by my long-standing editorial policy that prohibits me from discussing too specifically matters of the 9 to 5 nature.

For now, call me Pam and let’s just say sometimes life does imitate art!


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