A missed holiday moment

Earlier this week Zoe sang in her first Chris.. ahh I mean Holiday Concert.  Have I told you that unbeknownst to Mrs. M and me, Zoe auditioned for and was selected to perform with this talented troupe of 4th and 5th grade artists?

Who knew our kid had musical talent? Hmm, I wonder if this is how Billy Ray felt when young Miley started belting out tunes?

Next time..high-def!

Next time..high-def!

I digress…

It was a great show. Among the selections, the kids performed a Japanese holiday folk song, a swinging Chanukah number (sadly not Adam Sandler’s magnum opus) and a rendition of Holly Jolly Christmas that would have made Burl Ives proud.

Unfortunately I fell short in capturing this moment in music history.

You see I haven’t upgraded my videography tech since the obstetrician smacked Zoe on the bum nearly 10 years ago. I figured that wouldn’t be a problem. Who needs analog videocassettes? I have this fancy new smartphone!

I did the best I could, but trying to zoom in for a tight shot (the kind that would have made my old Newhouse film professors proud) on a touch screen is harder than scratching your (fill in the blank and keep it PG) with a catcher’s mitt. The group was dressed in white, so trying to tweak the exposure – again on a touch screen – was a bit of a challenge.

At least it was for me.

The final product looks like a shaky hostage video.

What made it worse is I was sitting next to another dad who was rolling with the entire Marty Scorsese starter kit – complete with a tripod, long lens and a boom mic.

A boom mic?!?! Who brings a friggin boom mic to an elementary school concert??

That’s OK. I’ve learned my lesson.

Look for me at the next recital in the front row with my high-definition rig, Carnegie Hall quality sound equipment and a satellite truck in the back of the school out by the playground.

I can’t wait until the spring concert!


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