Guest Post

Hi, I’m Rocky. You may have read about me in a couple of earlier posts – like this one, or this one. The old guy (what, you don’t have nicknames for your humans?) is working through the holidays (that’s what happens when you start, or as he’s been saying “restart” a gig late in the year). He probably won’t have too much time to bore you this week. Hey, don’t tell him I said that!

Anyway, since the old guy’s passwords aren’t very secure – I mean doesn’t everybody know the date Hall and Oates charted their first number one single?!?!? I’d figure I’d log on and help myself to that guest post he’s been promising.

I’ve been trying to get a guest post ever since the old guy wrote that lame rant about the time during one of our strolls we saw a rainbow.

Jeez, do all of you humans get so serious about going out to take a leak? I think it’s got something to do with that red juice he drinks every night.

As you can see in this picture Carla took last week (why can’t these McCulloughs use real cameras?), the house is all decked out for Christmas.

Are you getting my best side?

Are you getting my best side?

I enjoy the holiday season. The kid is home. Carla bakes, which make the place smell nice and the old guy cooks a lot, but he can be sloppy (it’s that red juice), which means there’s always some food falling on the floor.

During one of my pretend naps, I heard Carla say something about gifts. I think the kid is going to get a few things, but I’m really excited about the sweet new leather collar I’m getting.

Yeah, I got it pretty good – my food and water bowl are rarely empty, I have my choice of places to relax – that old couch they brought down from Jersey is simply sublime – and I have a decent set of humans.

I especially enjoy playtime with the kid. But she’s getting so mature, pretty soon she won’t have too much time for any of us. Speaking of which, the old guy is going to flip when he sees that nail polish/make up kit I heard she’s getting!

Well, I know Mr. Midlife Chronicles has this thing about word count, so I guess I’d better wrap up and go back to licking my crotch.

It was great talking to you. If any of you are doing any serious cooking this Christmas, send me a note. I’d love to come by and pick up the scraps!

Merry Christmas!



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