Retail therapy

My parents were very frugal. I mean squeeze a penny so hard Lincoln cried frugal. I’m not complaining! It was that frugality that kept a great roof over our heads and put two kids through college.

I bring up my parents’ frugality because it seems that after all these years, some dormant genetic code has kicked in.

At least I think it has, because a couple of weeks ago, I was actually school girl at a One Direction concert giddy over a bargain I scored during some post-holiday shopping.

For a few years now, I’ve been looking for a leather jacket. The last leather I had was a Jacksonesque number with a lot of buckles and zippers from the “Bad” era late 80s (actually, for the most part the late 80s were “Good”, but that’s for another post).

Upgrading hasn’t been a top priority.

I have a few decent nine-to-five jackets, but I wanted to get something to kick around in – a notch or two above a hoody – during the weekend.

So off we go to a certain Coat Factory a few days after Christmas. Again, it wasn’t my goal to leave with a leather jacket, so imagine my surprise when I see a nice brown, bomber-style number on the rack – toward the end, where the big boy sizes are.

I figured it had to be PVC (better known as pleather), or some other man-made material. I went closer, touched it. It felt like the real deal. I checked inside and saw those two magic words “authentic leather.”

What a deal!

What a deal!

Now I’m not a big designer brand kind of guy, but when I saw a Tommy Hilfiger tag, a voice in my head that sounded eerily like my father said that this jacket is probably going to be more than I should be spending for a weekend coat.

Then I saw the price tag. Score!

Now, I know that this may not be the greatest leather (tell the cow that), it ain’t Buckhead chic, (Southside guy that I am, I can live with that) and it’s probably last year’s design (horror!), but I don’t care. In my mind, I’ve scored a deal.

Weekend fabulous!

Weekend fabulous!

Not only can I finally retire my MTV when they used to play videos era leather. I can enjoy the feeling knowing that somewhere up there Mr. and Mrs. M are smiling because after nearly 50 years, their baby boy has come to appreciate the value of spotting a decent deal.

Anybody want to go shopping this weekend?



  1. Jon Jefferson

    I am happy to be frugal (cheap). It is a way of saving some money on the things that don’t require a big expenditure, so when you need to you are prepared for the things that really matter.


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