One good kid

What’s better than winning a Good Citizenship Award? How about an Outstanding Citizenship Award! It was Awards Day earlier this week at Zoe’s school.

While she had a very good fall semester and was recognized for her academic achievements, it is the other awards she brought home that made my ample bosom swell with pride!

She received a Good Citizenship Award and an Outstanding Citizenship Award.

What makes these honors special – in this proud dad’s opinion – is that these are behavioral awards.4th Grade Fall Semester Awards

The Good Citizenship Award is for getting all “S”s in all conduct categories (‘satisfactory’ – yeah that’s as high as it goes, but that’s a debate for another day). The Outstanding Citizenship Award is for kids “…exemplifying a kind and caring spirit, setting a good example for others to follow…”

In this day and age of bullies and mean girls, I’m comforted in the knowledge that’s she is a well-behaved kid, a respectful kid and as my elders used to say on Drexel Avenue – ‘she know how to act!’

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that she’s a bright child but it’s a beautiful thing to see that along with her book smarts, she’s developing strong people skills as well.

Zoe always thwarts Mrs. M’s and my (mostly mine) attempts at channeling our inner Claire and Cliff Huxtable – preventing us from launching into ranting, speech mode. However, deep down, I think she may have listened to us once or twice over her elementary years.

She’s learning that behavior matters, character matters, being respectful matters, being a good kid matters.

Great job Zoe!


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