Catching up

Except for a post a few days ago, I’ve been absent from these pages over the past couple of weeks. I was recuperating from a cold/flu. It was nothing major, just a stuffed up head, cough and fever (sadly not of the Boogie variety). As a result of this malady, I wasn’t in much of a writing mood (it was hard enough – dazed and confused in the fog of a stuffed up head – attempting to pass for literate at the old 9:5).

I’ll soon resume normal programming, but this week, please indulge me while I play catch up. A few things caught my attention the past couple of weeks, so kindly allow me to share some headlines:

I ran in this charity race on Dr. King’s birthday. Looking back, this might have played a factor in my getting sick. It was a bit chilly that morning (Of course it was January 22, what should I have expected?). I was woefully un-prepared with respect to my running attire. I froze before the race, sweated during the race, and froze again after I lumbered across the finish line. Note to self: It might be time to ditch the 25-year old Rocky Balboa-esque cotton sweats and invest in some decent running gear.

Zoe’s 10th birthday
I can’t believe the child we used to take to the Stride Rite store is now shopping for kicks in the women’s section! My little girl is 10-years old! Despite she and I being sick, we still had fun at her American Girl themed party (Don’t know American Girl? Well…it’s a more grown up, less furry version of Build-a-Bear).

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Happy Birthday Zoe!

I’m not Steve Harvey
I was at a business event not too long ago. While I was engaged in a conversation with a colleague, some guy sprints across the room, steps up behind me and says, “I thought you was (‘you was?’ – yes, my fellow grammar geeks – he said ‘you was’) Steve Harvey!” I don’t know if I need to grow (what’s left of) my hair, loose the goatee, or switch the contacts for my soda bottle glasses, but this Steve Harvey thing has got to stop!

I don't see it

I don’t see it

Happy Valentine’s Day/Anniversary
Please refer to our earlier conversation. Fifteen years and still going strong!

I hate spam
The following email found its way into my inbox. We’ve been down this road before.

Dear John,

You were recently selected as a candidate for publication in the prestigious Top 100 Executives of 2013 Magazine.

There was a suspicious link later on in the communication. I wasn’t in the mood for an Ebola computer virus, so I didn’t take any chances.

But before I deleted this dubious proclamation, I read the last line and that’s when I knew they couldn’t be serious.

On behalf of our Selection Committee, it is a pleasure to welcome you and to share and celebrate your many personal, professional and academic achievements.

Academic achievements? While I did pretty well in grad school – go Pirates – (Funny how a little maturity and writing your own tuition checks can change your work ethic.), if the awards committee is looking at those halcyon days between ’82 and ’86 – go Orange, unless they’re referring to the lightening like speed at which I can tap a keg or my skills in making mix tapes, I’m not sure what academic achievements they’re referring to.

Words to live by
A graphic designer friend of mine shared with me the most profound piece of knowledge I’ve heard in a long time. While chatting about various aspects of project management, this designer said to me, “…my goal is to minimize the crazy.” What a useful way to look at things – business and/or personal. It suggests you’re not trying to eliminate the crazy, just keep it under control – minimize it. I’ve given it a try and it seems to be working!

Last but not least….

Our dog is an alien
Zoe was playing with Rocky and all of a sudden he jumped on the little storage cube in our family room. Looking quite photogenic, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture. Little did I know I’d uncover his green alien eyes.

...don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

…don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!
















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