A decennial ritual

Ten years ago…













Great MPG

Great MPG










I’m looking for a new hobby to fill all the extra time I’ll save now that I’m not living at the gas station. Yes, we finally broke down and got a new ride. What did I get? Well until this blog wins an endorsement deal, I’ll just tell you it’s got a whole lot of Seoul!

Looking back, I’ve bought a new car roughly each decade since my early twenties (starting with my post-collegiate Escort). Keeping a car for ten years is a genetic thing, but it seems to be working for me.

Of course, over the next ten years, a certain tween in the McCullough household will likely be getting behind the wheel of this vehicle. I guess that’s why she was so adamant in having a say in the selection.

I’m no Johnny Motor Trend, so I won’t be doing a manly, under the hood in-depth analysis of horsepower and suspension. Although, I am intrigued by a fuel-saving bell and whistle that simulates a manual transmission, minus the clutch.

While I may play with that option, one feature I’ve already begun to enjoy – perhaps too much – is the satellite radio.

Flashback ten years when I was all giddy over my previous vehicle’s six disc CD player!

It’s hard for me to admit this. Around the time when satellite radio first became available, I took an oath to terrestrial radio– in the waning days of my employment in that industry – that I’d never pay to listen to the radio.

Never say never.

I just can’t resist a service that offers (doing my best Scott Shannon) wall-to-wall 80s music, commercial free!

And yes, since we’re friends, I’ll admit I sat in the parking lot a few extra minutes so that I could play air drums during “In the Air Tonight“.

Don’t judge!


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