Post birthday love

This is a post that I should have written yesterday, but a cake and ice cream sugar coma (and Dancing with the Stars) got in the way of my blogging responsibilities.

There are those who argue that spending any considerable amount of time on social media is wasteful. I  guess if you’re  tweeting, friending or pinning 24-7 it could be viewed as not the best use of one’s time.

Me? I’m an ‘everything in moderation’ kind of guy.

I enjoy social media. It enables me to periodically bore you with these rants and over the past day or so, it’s allowed me to receive a bunch of very nice and very appreciated birthday greetings.

I’m thankful for each one.

Zoe has great taste in birthday cards.

Zoe has great taste in birthday cards.

One of the best things about celebrating a birthday in the day and age of social media (besides having another birthday to celebrate), for a sentimental old fart like me, is going up and down the list of greetings and recalling what role that well-wisher played and/or plays in my life.

Yeah, I know – corny!

But just bear with me for another paragraph or two as I walk through just a few of the categories of birthday posters:

  • My fellow Holy Spirit and St. Nicholas alums
  • A handful of Vikings and Orangemen
  • My esteemed 113 College Place brethren
  • A couple of Phis
  • Fellow survivors of early 21st century high-tech agency-side PR (I guess I can stop waiting for those options)
  • Some friends from Murray Hill (both the telco and the business info companies)
  • Several past and present associates from the world’s busiest…oops, can’t talk about work here
  • One or two of my (cooler) former bosses
  • My neighbors across the street
  • And of course, my beloved GA, IN and NJ kinfolk

Thank you social media for enabling me to stay in touch with people I’ve known since the early 70s, those I met just a few months ago and everyone in between.

And to all of you, thank you very much for taking time to say “Happy Birthday!”



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