It’s easier

Every now and then, I find myself in the middle of something that triggers my latent philosophical gene.

A culinarily inspired rant

A culinary inspired rant

Such was the case when I was adding black pepper (freshly cracked, of course) to a dish I was throwing together not too long ago.

I remembered an old Emeril tip I learned back in the 90s when they used to have non-competitive prime time cooking shows on the Food Network.

Chef Lagasse stressed that it’s important to go easy when adding seasoning to a dish, because it’s easier to add seasoning than it is to take it away.

Which got me to thinking — in what other aspects of life might this rule or a slight variation thereof fit?

Here’s a small, very random list. You might have others:

  • It’s easier to earn and maintain trust than it is to regain it
  • It’s easier to know your limits than recover from getting in over your head (or at least it should be)
  • It’s easier to put good calories in than it is to burn off bad ones
  • It’s easier to make a friend than deal with an enemy
  • It’s easier to smile and walk than frown and confront (well, most of the time)
  • It’s easier to handle your business than it is to mind someone else’s
  • It’s easier to figure out where you want to go than to find your way when you’re lost

In retrospect, this handful of lessons are things that come a bit easier for me now, in the middle ages, than they did in my not so bright and a lot less insightful youth.

I could go on (especially with another glass or two of the grape under my belt), but it’s easier to stop while I’m ahead than it is to overstay my welcome!


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