Spring semester awards day

I felt like a member of the paparazzi this morning during Zoe’s  fourth Grade Awards Day program. The image of all the camera, smartphone and iPad toting parents huddled strategically near the front of the auditorium like the press corps at a campaign rally added to the excitement of this end of semester ritual.ZGM Fall Award 4th Grade

It was another outstanding year as we bid goodbye to fourth grade. Zoe is pretty casual about the whole Awards Day thing. Not to get all proud father on you, but I’m happy to see that’s she putting in the hard work for the sake of putting  in the hard work not just to pick up a handful of certificates at the end of the semester.

Of all the images I shot, this one is my favorite. Look at the smirk. You just know that poor kid is thinking there goes daddy again barreling over everyone to take my picture for the millionth time!

Yeah, I may have thrown more than a few Randy Savage elbows, but it was totally by accident. All I can say is I’m proud to use my ample proportions for good and not evil.

I guess when fifth grade rolls around, I might consider easing up on the body blocks and post myself in the back of the room with one of those long lenses like the ones you see in spy movies.

Rock on kid!


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