My old brown suit

I received a compliment for the suit I wore one day not too long ago. The particular suit is an old four button number that I’ve had for a little more than twenty years.

You might ask, “What’s the big deal about a twenty year old suit?” This is suit I was talked into buying. This was one of those ‘step out of your comfort zone’ moments.

Circa 1993

Circa 1993

If memory serves, I bought the suit to celebrate a new gig.

Where to begin…

The suit is brown. Up to that point, I had always been a blue and grey guy (except for that green corduroy number I had in junior high – hey, it was the late 70s, give me a break).

The suit is pinstriped. You know what they say about stripes and husky folks. I do solids.

The suit is four buttons. Three is my max.

The suit cost almost as much as a month’s rent for the swanky one bedroom studio I called home during this period of my life.

But the biggest thing, it was probably the first time I bought a suit from a local, independent haberdasher – not a big box retailer.

I purchased this suit from Mr. Fashion. Yes, that was the name of the store and the moniker of the storeowner. Mr. Fashion was a very hip menswear store on Cookman Avenue (a once very hip street) in Asbury Park, NJ.

The owner – one Carl Williams – Mr. Fashion had a very smooth – as the kids today would say – swagger about him.

I probably wouldn’t have tiptoed out of my comfort zone on this purchase, but Mr. Fashion himself not only sold me the suit, but convinced me that I needed to have this suit.

I guess since the suit has held up after two decades and it’s drawing compliments, perhaps Mr. Fashion was right!

Ain’t it funny how sometimes good things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone? (Who knew there was a philosophical lesson to be learned in a story about a twenty year old suit?!?!?)


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