Shaking off the rust

One of Webster’s definitions of rust is to deteriorate or spoil, as through disuse.

Over the past couple of years, my questionable public speaking skills have gone through a bit of a rusty period. Not to mire too much in the details, let’s just say I’m in a much better position to flex my once dormant public speaking muscles.

Earlier this month and this afternoon Stella got her oratory grove back.

Not exactly standing room, but a good time just the same!

Not exactly standing room, but a good time just the same!

No, I’m not exactly delivering a 21st century version of the Gettysburg address; it’s your basic industry-focused and community engagement stuff. If memory serves, we talked about this before.

The funny thing is that prior to this pair of presentations, I wasn’t exactly nervous, but more concerned that I’d simply lock up and forgot everything I’ve learned over the years about standing in front of audience and chatting up a topic.

I suppose that’s where the rust comes in.

You name the skill, practice or habit, if you walk away (or it’s taken away) for a period of time, it becomes necessary to jump-start the old muscle memory.

So, dear friends out there, any old skills, hobbies or pastimes that you’ve stored on the proverbial get around to it later shelf? If so, there’s no time like the present to start shaking off the rust.


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