Cleaning my hard drives

In my never-ending efforts to get and stay organized, I began using Evernote. This is a web-based platform that enables you to store and file information of your choice in the proverbial cloud. As I began to migrate what amounted to my digital cocktail napkins to the site, I came across a bunch of random potential blogging fodder scattered across my life’s various hard drives.

Most of these weren’t substantial enough to merit an entire blog post, but for whatever reason they caught my eye.

I’ve deleted some of these random thoughts, others have been filed for later use. This leaves six that I’d like to share with you this evening.

Pointing out the obvious

There was an article not too long ago on the Men’s Fitness site – The 10 Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever. Of course you don’t have to go any further to know that Rock and Apollo made the cut.

Click and enjoy the enduring power of the eye of the tiger!

Rocky and Apollo

I can’t remember what was so funny

I found this picture from a business conference. Note how we’re all engaged in laughter – I just don’t remember what was so funny. Has that ever happened to any of you? Yikes, must be a midlifer thing. One last observation, do they make powder or some kind of makeup for bald guys with shiny heads??

What was so funny?

What was so funny?

I ain’t the greatest editor, but even I would have caught this one

I love to write, but I hate to edit. Of course it is a necessary evil so I do my best to do my best in catching my (and in some cases, other’s) mistakes. I wish I had to opportunity to edit this story that appeared in our neighborhood weekly.

The musical Dreamgirls was coming to town. Notice the photo. It’s a picture of the original Effie – Miss Jennifer Holiday, but the caption says Jennifer Hudson – the big screen Effie.

I know, our neighborhood weekly isn’t the New York Times, but you’d like to think somebody would have noticed this before it went to print.

Someone should have caught this

Someone should have caught this

Hall and Oates have soul cause Don Cornelius said so

Of course no John McCullough hard drive purging would be complete without at least one bit of useless Hall and Oates idol worship.

Did you know these guys were on Soul Train in ’82? I didn’t either. I say again – Daryl Hall and John Oates were on Soul Train!

Can't believe this was 31 years ago

Can’t believe this was 31 years ago

What part of the cow did this come from?

Pictured below is the prime rib served up at a carving station at a business dinner. Do you notice something funny about the shape of the meat?

Usually slabs of prime rib have a more rounded look – as if they were cut from the rib section of the lucky animal. This slab of protein looks more like it was extracted from a can – similar to those bright pink canned ham products that are all the rage around Easter time.

Despite its questionable shape, the little bit I had (long story) was pretty good.

Interesting shape

Interesting shape

Last but not least….

A couple of weeks ago I made a last-minute run to our local grocery store. As I exited the Seoulmobile, I noticed what I thought were Popsicle sticks. Thanks to really good contact lenses, my distance vision is pretty sharp. These weren’t Popsicle sticks. They were used pregnancy tests. To this day, I can’t help wondering what led to these diagnostic devices final resting place in the grass in a supermarket parking lot. Was the user so excited (or so distraught) that they felt the urge to drop into a squat right there in the parking lot between the dry cleaner and nail joint? We may never know, and I may need a frontal lobotomy to burn the image from my memory.

Can't stop wondering how these landed up here

Can’t stop wondering how these landed here

That’s all. Thanks for helping me clear out my hard drives!


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