Coming apart

Every now and then, I like to flex my philosophical muscles in these pages. Such will be the case over the upcoming paragraphs.

As I often do, as part of the ol 9 to 5, I was delivering a PowerPoint presentation. I was getting my public speaking grove on – pretty routine stuff.

Then it happened. I got a little too animated and my size twelve foot somehow skimmed over my laptop’s power cable – right at the junction where the two halves of the cable come together.

The computer died about as fast as Anthony Weiner’s chances of being named husband of the year.

The screen went black and as it did I tried to recall every trick and tip I’ve learned over the years to recover when your tech craps out during a presentation.

Just when I was ready to channel my inner Tony Robbins and move ahead sans-slides, the laptop came back to life (thanks to a fully-charged battery).



Even though the power cable came apart, the battery kicked in, things got better and I moved ahead.

This morning, in an effort to get my HGTV yard work grove on, I joined Mrs. McCullough in spiffing up our lawn.

As I was grappling with a thicket of weeds, I felt my left boot sliding as if the laces had come undone. I glanced down at my foot and to my surprise, I see the blasted sole had become separated from the rest of the boot.

I was more annoyed than anything else. I paid a couple of bucks for these boots at a very well-known mail order establishment, and I would have expected a higher level of quality from said mail order establishment.

They don't make 'em like they used to!

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

Even though my shoe came apart, there was work to be done, so I hobbled back to my weeds and moved ahead.

So kind reader, if I can suggest a word or two of wisdom – when things in your life come apart, let your inner power supply kick in, go back to pulling those weeds in your life and move ahead!


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