A star is born

Not too long ago at the ol 9 to 5 we hosted an event for a new restaurant featuring the cuisine of celebrity chef G Garvin. Foodie that I am, I was determined to shake the man’s hand and get a picture with him.

Not the only star of this post!

Not the only star of this post!

I was very excited by my celebrity sighting that day, but that thrill was quickly overcome by a celebrity sighting much closer to home.

It was around the same time I met me G that I learned that there is a celebrity in the making in the McCullough household.

Mrs. McCullough has been signed by an Atlanta-based talent agency and is now a represented actress.

“Carla’s an actress,” you may ask. “What happened to nursing school?”

Well, let’s just say things happen for a reason and the dream you set out to chase today, may not be the reality you face tomorrow.

This is a new adventure for all of us…much more for her, of course.

A star is born!

A star is born!

I’m very proud of the Mrs. It takes a certain amount of self-awareness to know what truly will make you happy and an even greater amount of courage to pursue it.

Will I be getting fitted an Oscar tux? Not right away, but given that Atlanta is becoming the Hollywood of the south, anything is possible.

Carla, I love you and may the show go on!


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