Please indulge me as I, with all due respect, paraphrase my Jersey homeboy Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a smiling M.D.

Especially when that M.D. is an Oncologist with good news.

I won’t be totally in the clear until I hit the five year mark, but for now, I’m very pleased to celebrate three years of good health and no rogue cells.

See you next year, Emory!

See you next year, Emory!

The disconcerting thing about living with the big C is that – as I alluded to earlier – no matter how great you feel (five months away from the big 5-oh for goodness sake), you can’t get too ecstatic because there’s always the chance some annoying tumor or lesion will – out of nowhere – pop up and ruin your day – like waking up to a real nasty zit the morning of Senior Prom!

Fortunately for my mental well-being, I don’t think too frequently about that, of course that is until I take that every six-month (now a year) drive down Clifton road to visit my Emory pals.

Needless to say (Then why say it – channeling my ENG 101 professor), good health is always cause for thanks and celebration, but receiving such news a day or two before Thanksgiving is certainly icing on the cake (we’re not having cake this year, but ‘crust on the pie’ just doesn’t have the same ring!).

Clear scans, the two ladies across and down the hall and Daryl and John’s nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are among the many things for which I’m thankful this year.

I hope you’ll take a minute to take inventory of what causes you to give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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