The serious moonlight

My friends at the Oxford Dictionary (Print edition – cause I’m old school like that) define lunatic as “an extremely foolish or eccentric person.” Oxford also provides the origin of the word. Lunatic comes from the “Latin luna ‘moon’ from the belief that changes in the moon caused intermittent insanity.”

Why am I rambling on about the etymology of the word lunatic? Well, it’s because I think basking in the pre-dawn moon over Atlanta does something to me.

Let me explain.

I like to get my exercise grove on first thing in the morning. Now you might say one must be a bit of a lunatic to go running around the neighborhood before the sun comes up – and you may be right!

Moon over Atlanta

Moon over Atlanta

Early morning workouts are quite common, and I’m sure I’m not doing anything many of you aren’t doing.

For me, it’s just that I find that alongside the overt physical benefits, lay several covert mental benefits of basking in the predawn moonlight.

Generally speaking, the predawn hours offer no noise and no traffic. But beyond that, there is a certain peacefulness that surrounds being alone with your thoughts under the luminous glow of a predawn full moon.

When I walk out the door – there it is. When I pass that construction site of the house on the corner that will never be complete – there it is. When I tiptoe around that crack in the pavement – there it is.

Something about the moon’s gentle glow and a quiet stillness make it easy to think – which is what likely led me to conjuring up this post.

The early morning tranquility is a useful setting for reflection, introspection or simply thinking about the day ahead. For example, what’s going in the brown bag for lunch (leftovers from a nice soba noodles in peanut sauce dish Mrs. M. whipped up a couple of nights ago).

And most importantly, all of these mental calisthenics do wonders for taking my mind off of my sore feet and creaky knees!

Good Morning Moon! Thanks for lighting the way and thank you for the inspiration!


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