Too personal

I like catchy, compelling marketing and promotional copy as much as the next guy (after all, it helps keeps the lights on), but I have to admit, earlier this week my compelling gears shifted from catchy, straight to creepy when I logged on to a certain social media site and saw an ad with my name on it.

Custom Advertising

Coincidence? Maybe. Pinpoint targeting? Possibly. Downright big brother disturbing? Hell yeah!

My surname isn’t a common one, like Smith or Jones, which leads me away from the notion this was a coincidence.

It just caught me off guard to see an ad – sandwiched between one friend’s funny cartoon and another’s photos from Fiji – with my name splayed across the front.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the level of personalization and targeting used to move product. Most of the time it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn’t – like the time my 10 year old received a direct mail piece focused on the importance of protecting your family with whole life insurance (yes, a 10 year old!).

There is a dizzying amount of CO2 in the atmosphere expelled from social media experts (OK, not all of them) so I won’t break wind and add to the gas my meager opinions on the pros and cons of extreme personalization in social media marketing – besides it’ll take me too close to the invisible fence I installed some time ago around topics too close to the 9 to 5.

I’m not going to lose too much sleep over this, because just as I’m trying to keep up with the future, I return home from my Saturday errands to a comforting vestige of the past awaiting on my porch…an old school phone book!

old school marketing

OK, too much deep thinking for a Saturday night. I’m walking away from personalized ads and toward something more compelling – that glass of the grape that coincidentally also has my name on it!


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