Going soft

Not exactly what you’d call a winter wonderland, but Hotlanta wasn’t so hot during the onslaught of Snowpocalypse Atlanta, Winter Storm Leon, and my favorite – Ice-a-palooza 2014.

If you’ve seen any news coverage over the past couple of days, you know all of the details (and the controversy), right down to a very worked up Al Roker.

Your cordial host and his family weathered the storm quite well – no one was stranded on the road, at the 9 to 5, or at school.

Even though we were very fortunate, I can’t help wringing my hands over how badly things could have gone simply because Casa McCullough was woefully unprepared.

Neighborhood Ice Capades

Neighborhood Ice Capades

More than once, this Jersey expat has had to shovel a flake or two over the course of many winters in the Garden State. And most times it was more than the two to three inches we dealt with this week.

However, since we’ve moved south, we’ve gone soft and let our guard down.

The only shovel we own is the one that came with Zoe’s beach bucket.

Salt? Yeah, I’ve got a box of Kosher in the pantry.

Ever since my collegiate years at good old S.U., I’ve always had at least two pairs of boots at the ready (and that’s not counting those cool six inch black kicks with the Cuban heels). If you’re a regular reader of these pages, you know that’s no longer the case. It pains me to admit that I braved the frosty elements in a pair of old running shoes.

The Seoulmobile wasn’t exactly ready for the weather either. Absent in her trunk were any blankets, kitty litter or scrapers (but my derriere was toasty).

In fact, when I left the gig Tuesday afternoon, I had to MacGyver an old newspaper (thankfully I refuse to go entirely digital) into a makeshift snow scraper.

Back in Jersey, I probably had more scrapers and snowbrushes lying around than Keith Richards has cigarette lighters.

Now I don’t plan to go all Doomsday Preppers and build a salt storage facility in my backyard (although just to piss of my HOA I should), nor will I take out a loan and stock up on every piece of winter clearance in the Lands’ End catalog, but I will use this week’s meteorological misadventures as a wakeup call to gear up just a bit for the next snowmageddon!

Anybody know where I can get a good deal on a used snow plow?


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  1. ballnchainz

    I’m not sure what happened to my comment so I’m typing it again. If this is a duplicate then delete it. Your not the only one from jerzy to go soft. A lot of my friends that have moved to Atlanta are complaining life crazy and another storm is coming.. stay warm and stay in the house when this next storm hits..


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