Sometimes it gets the best of me

That ‘it’ is the curse of overthinking.

Why is overthinking a bad thing? Because – at least for me – overthinking is often followed by its pesky partner second guessing.


I need to relax more

This week at that place that I don’t write about – where I spend eight to 10 hours at day – I caught myself overthinking something that by all rights should have been an easy decision. But instead, I overthought, overengineered and ultimately second guessed.

Forgive the awkward analogy, but I walked around the block twice when the answer to my situation was right at my doorstep.

One of the wonderful things about life in the middle ages is the wealth of life experience we have to tap into. For me, I have to work hard to remember that when I start banging my head against the wall over easily solved matters.

The curse of overthinking – sadly – has found its way onto these pages.

It’s why I sometimes fall short of posting as frequently as I’d like. I hate to call myself out, but I’m guilty of overthinking topics to share, overthinking ways to be funny and witty instead of simply writing what comes to mind – much like I’m doing now!

Of course one might argue that this rant is just me overthinking overthinking!


But I’m viewing this post as a wake up call – a shout out to the man in the mirror.

Relax, rely on your gut, stop wringing your hands, think – of course – but just don’t get crazy about it!


One comment

  1. Tim

    Don’t forget it’s 3rd cousin insomnia. Like you I often find myself overthinking what I want to write about but once I actually get started things start to come together. If not on the first try…the 15th! It’s true, I’m an overthinker to. Tim


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