Sharing my pen

I’m enjoying the pleasure of putting my dubious writing skills to good use by helping a some friends in need of an extra pen. I can’t go into great detail on these projects – at least not yet. I’ll be able to chat about one in the next several weeks. The others may take a bit longer.

These efforts came out of nowhere and they are totally different, which adds to the challenge. The content I’m helping create – much more meaningful than the digital pollution I spew in these pages – gives me a wonderful opportunity to write outside the 9 to 5 box that keeps the lights on. writing11

I won’t call it moonlighting or side work, because, believe it or not, in these cases it’s not about the money (Damn! Midlife kicks in again, because ‘not about the money’ ain’t something I would have said 20-25 years ago!).

Forgive the quick change (sort of) of subject. John Sr. was a chronic moonlighter. A chef by profession, he had a steady side gig and would pick up additional work doing catering whenever he could. I have fond memories of working a couple of gigs with him when I was a kid.

Compared to how exhausted John Sr. was at the end of a job, there is no way I will call what I’m doing moonlighting!

O.K. Where was I?

Oh yeah! It’s always been a desire to do more writing. I’m just happy to be able to stimulate this soon to be 50-year old noggin with yet another creative outlet, but I’m even happier that I can help some friends tell a story, pitch a service, craft a message.

Every 18 months or so, I’ll pick up my guitar or plant myself in front of the piano. For me, notes and scales are no picnic. Sitting down with a pad and pen (old school all the way) is much easier and a lot less frustrating.

You’ll forgive me if I’m absent from these pages from time to time while we knock out these projects. I’m not going too far, just taking some time to help my friends!


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