Pet Shop Boy

When I was a young tyke, the closest thing I had to a pet were the grasshoppers I’d catch during summer break and of course my Sea-Monkeys. Like many of you who grew up in the 70s, I had ‘give you what you need, not what you want’ parents.

Pets didn’t fall into the ‘what you need’ category.

Join me as we fast forward forty years to witness a classic case of overcompensating, and welcome to the Zoo McCullough!

Of course you’ve already met the senior statesman of our humble brood – Rocky, that playfully pugnacious puggle.










Going in order of acquisition, allow me to introduce our next furry friend – Robert, the uniquely-named hamster, who – despite this photo – doesn’t always linger in the corner of his cage.









Continuing on the theme of small mammals, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Fuzzy the Guinea Pig. Fuzzy and I don’t get along too well, but he fancies Mrs. McCullough (and, really, don’t we all?).









Last, but not least, the newest member of our ecosystem, Wednesday the cat. This cute little (in my Strangé voice) pussy joined our family earlier this month.









We’ll probably stop here. Any more animals and we’ll likely need a permit.

To see how each animal relates to each human in our home is a real Nat Geo channel case study in human-animal relations.

Rocky is pretty much my guy. Wednesday and Fuzzy dig Mrs. McCullough. The hamster just likes to urinate on his play wheel (I remember a kid in Kindergarten who wasn’t much different) , and, of course, all God’s creatures love Zoe!

I hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Zoo McCullough. It’s a charming, magical place where a snotty nose little kid, with no pets, grows up to become a snotty nose (allergies) midlifer with a four- strong menagerie!


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