When did buying gas become so complicated? Well, not really complicated, but when did we get so many options?

It struck me earlier this week when I made a visit (an infrequent visit, I might add – thank you Seoulmobile) to my neighborhood filling station.

It really wasn’t in my neighborhood – more like on the highway en route to the 9:5. Also, I know they haven’t been called filling stations since the 70s. I just like to reminisce about the days when we had neighborhoods and neighborhood filling stations.

Five options, really??

Five options, really??

The pump has what must be an unprecedented five options. Choice is always a good thing, even when it comes to what you put in your tank (or fuel cells?). Always being a bit of a blue collar motorist, I’ve never had much need for anything more exotic than regular.

A relic from my youth!

A relic from my youth!

I’m not complaining, in fact I probably wouldn’t be ruminating on this if I had been paying more attention during the petroleum filling process. For the sake of full disclosure, while at the pump, I was too focused on the work day ahead instead of the immediate task at hand, and as a result I almost pumped diesel fuel in the Seoulmobile.  Not so much a senior moment, just a feeble attempt at multitasking!

I guess the days of having just a couple of choices – regular and high-test (those under 40, click here) – are over. How long will it be before we have a rocket fuel nozzle for George Jetson to gas up?

And another thing…when did we get so many Coke choices?!?!?

Just give me a Coke!

Just give me a Coke!


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