Mac Daddy

I’ve never thought I was inflexible or set in my ways, but after a splash of cold water in the face bout of self-discovery this past week, I guess I have to adjust that assessment.

Let me explain.

I was working on a project with a friend that required me to spend some quality time with a Mac Book Pro. No big deal, right? The problem is, I’ve been hunting and pecking on Windows (also known as IBM if you’re an old school geek) hardware for nearly 25 years (prior to that we had these things called typewriters).

I had to laugh at myself (which I frequently do) over my ineptitude! Where’s the backspace key? Who moved the alt key? And what’s the deal with this damn Trackpad gimmick?!?

Courtesy TechCrunch

courtesy TechCrunch

We finished the project despite Johnny Jobs slowing things down.

There’s no arguing that the Mac Book is a beautiful machine, but my Windows loyalties are still in tact. I don’t plan on squirreling away a grand and a half of my milk money to join the Cupertino faithful anytime soon.

But this embarrassing attempt to be a cool Macboy has taught me that I might need to see if there are any other areas where this midlifer is stubbornly set in his ways.

Well, that’s it for now. My modem is overheating, which may knock out my AOL connection, and I’ve got to flip over the 33 and a 1/3 that’s spinning on my turntable!


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