Worn out

Remember all that talk about turning 50 a few months ago? All that welcome to the second halfblessed to still be in the game crap?

Well earlier this week I was quite alarmingly reminded just how old I am, or shall I say how young I’m not.

While suiting up to go make the donuts, I was in the mood to don one of my favorite ties – a very conservative (from a very conservative point in my career) red and blue striped number I picked up in the early 90s at Stern’s Department Store (defunct and sucked up by Macy’s) at Seaview Square Mall (shut down around 2000) in Ocean Township, NJ

Just like the hole in my heart!

Just like the hole in my heart!

Over the near quarter century I’ve had this tie, it has grown to become one of my favorites.

Sadly, as I was noosing up for a good day’s work, I noticed what I thought was a stain. Then, upon closer examination, I saw that the material was fraying. I’ve always been fond of a nice snug four in hand knot, and I suppose all those years of pulling and tugging (get your mind out of the gutter, please!) finally took their toll.

One of my favorite ties is officially worn out, and being blindsided by that fact first thing in the morning wasn’t pleasant.

But in the grand scheme of things, I suppose wearing out a tie is not as bad as wearing out a knee, a hip, an organ, a relationship, a career, or whatever else that is subject to the effects of aging (all of the above are holding up nicely, thank you).

I will not be defined by this worn out tie, nor will I let it stand as a metaphor for getting old!

I will keep eating right, work out often, moisturize daily, and strive for good karma – in addition to everything else my new friends say I should do as I age.

Besides, I still have a couple of my cool skinny leather ties from the mid-80s cryogenically stored in our basement


One comment

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    I was you seven years ago, so don’t feel bad – you are not alone!

    Thanks for following my blog – I have been reading your insights for about a year now, if I remember right (and, no, I couldn’t remember anything even when I was young either – so don’t start me on that one). Looking forward to reading more of your observations. It’s almost scary! Enjoy your weekend!


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