Voting Patterns

I voted.

However since these pages aren’t about politics, I’m not going to tell you for whom.

On the way to the polling location, I thought back on all of the times I flexed my constitutional muscles at the polls. I turned 18 in 1982, and I cast my first vote in the race for Atlantic City Mayor between James Usry and Mike Matthews. To this day, I have mixed emotions about voting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hard fought right we enjoy as American citizens (especially those of my complexion), and I take it seriously. It’s just that looking back over all of the elections in which I voted, my reasons for choosing the candidates I did were all over the place – and they still are.

Didn't have these cool stickers in Jersey!

Didn’t have these cool stickers in Jersey!

My vote has gone to candidates I truly believe in and support (especially at the state level in the early and mid 90s), I (full disclosure) also voted for candidates who had a direct impact on my paycheck, and I  voted for candidates where I  – sadly – held my nose and selected between the lesser of two evils (and to quote Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that!).

I voted as a resident in two states – well actually three if you count pulling the lever in New York as a Selective Service registered, Cold War, Ivan Drago concerned college kid during the 84 presidential campaign.  I have the fondest memories of working with candidates in my beloved home state of New Jersey (see that ‘paycheck’ reference in the previous paragraph).

The Flash is on tonight, and I have to see what Jimmy Spader is up to in last night’s episode of Blacklist that awaits on my DVR. There were years when I’d stay awake until the last vote was counted. This isn’t one of those years. I don’t plan on staying up to watch the results. In fact, I think I’ll wait and go old school and buy a paper in the morning to see who my next governor and senator will be.

It’s best that I end it here because my feet – crammed tightly into my patent leather Capezios – are sore from tap dancing around a topic I try to publicly avoid – because after all, do you really give a hoot about my political views? I hope not, because at this advanced stage of live and let live middle agedness I don’t intend to lose too much sleep over yours.

Happy Election Day!


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