Don’t give up on people

As I sit in the palatial global headquarters of the Chronicles, in the second floor penthouse of Casa de McCullough, overlooking  my neighbor walking his dog; I’m all clean and moisturized following my Saturday night bath, my Olivia Pope wine goblet full with a generous amount of the grape, I’m thinking back on the week that was.

It was a week that didn’t start well, but fortunately, it didn’t end badly.

I’m not going to get into the specifics, but I do want to touch on one thing that got under my skin over the past seven days. I witnessed what happens when a system that is supposed to help gives up on someone.Help

Someone expresses they have a problem, and the people who bloviate and bluster about being there to help, waste very little time casting the person aside for them to find help on their own.

We shouldn’t give up on people, especially if we’re placed in a position to offer so-called ‘guidance.’

If it’s your job to help, then help.

Several years ago, a well-seasoned office mate once said to me that it’s hard to lend a hand, when both hands are covering your ass. Such was the case this past week.

Of course, it’s in my DNA to seek a silver lining, and as I reflect on the past seven days, the bright spot is that I learned that there’s no shame in needing help, and there’s even less shame in asking for it.

I also learned that I have the capacity to help, and I bet you do to.

Help someone because in doing so, you just might help yourself!


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