Doctor’s orders

I’ve been thinking a lot about physical and mental health lately. Earlier this week, I was treated to a very interesting talk that covered both areas.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was a speaker at the recent Metro Atlanta Chamber annual meeting (Yeah, this is dangerously close to breaking my editorial policy about writing about the 9 to 5, but it’s worth bending the rules just once).

As you’d imagine, the good doctor’s talk had a business focus – after all this was a business event, but in his remarks, he touched briefly on the importance of happiness.

Dr. Gupta believes that being happy and maintaining a positive attitude are important elements in our well-being.

The consult didn't require a co-pay!

The consult didn’t require a co-pay!

Coming from a brain surgeon, that’s a pretty bold thesis – the importance of something so non-medical and non-clinical to our overall wellness.

For some of us (even your ofttimes rose colored glasses wearing host), being happy and positive 100 percent of the time can be as difficult mentally as finishing disc 6 of P90X is physically.

No it ain’t easy, but it never hurts to try. For example, today it’s easy for me to be happy because my friends at Emory Winship tell me I’m now four years cancer free and one year closer to that magical five year mark (How’s that for burying the lead?!?). But who knows what’ll happen tomorrow, maybe something to make me sad, but I’m going to go into the day anticipating happiness instead of fretting over the alternative.

Did you ever run into someone who is always grumpy, negative and generally pissed off? I have. If fact there’s this one guy who everyday — oops this story is hitting against the no talk about the job firewall. Let’s just say we all know that one person.

One last thing about ‘that one person’ and those of their ilk…the more I travel through these middle ages, the less time and patience do I have for those whose default setting is doom and gloom.

And I’m not talking about those for whom sadness is a chronic condition — that’s a much more serious conversation.

My gripe is those who have a chronic stick up their ass.

Come on, lighten up, be positive, be happy. You might enjoy it, and you’ll certainly benefit from it. After all, it’s Doctor’s Orders.


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