Hanging on to the past

As discussed earlier this week, Santa did come through with that new mobile communications device.

Since the trade in value on my old unit was pretty miniscule (and there’s nothing worse than having a miniscule old unit), I decided to hang on to the out of service handset.

I packed it, its cords, case and manual and delivered them to our basement, which sadly has become the dumping ground for my old outdated electronics.

And that’s why we’re here today. Hello. I’m John McCullough and I’m ashamed to admit I’m an outdated gadget hoarder (the gadgets are outdated, not me, except for my musical tastes I suppose).

It hit me that in very rare exceptions – for example something being outright broken like my old portable TV that was leaking nasty battery acid – I find it hard to part with my old gadgets.

Of course I’d be willing to bet there are other midlifers within the sound of my digital voice who feel the same way.

Maybe it’s a sense of nostalgia – like the first time I received a page on my old Motorola pager (Nothing exciting. It was a work related beep). Or maybe it’s the memories of working out in my Flashdance ripped sweats and leg warmers trying to be a maniac on the floor at the gym, my Sports Walkman on my hip with Van Halen screaming in my ear as I executed that last rep. Or it might have been the thrill of immediate gratification that came as I watched my Polaroids develop right before my eyes.

One day I'll let go!

One day I’ll let go!

And while they’re not pictured, I have an old turntable, receiver and cassette deck waiting for the triumphant return of records and tapes.

I’m under no delusions that there’s any collector value in these items, and I can forget about passing them down. Zoe laughs whenever she sees these relics.

Maybe one day I’ll get rid of these old memories of my youth.

After all, I need to make room for all of the old books I’m hoarding… I mean collecting, since I went all high-tech with one of those fancy e-readers!

Great memories

Great memories


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