Happy (Belated) New Year

This is a slightly adjusted version of the post I intended to offer yesterday, until something came up a couple of nights ago. But since it is still New Year’s weekend, I’ll ask your indulgence as I slip this one in under the wire.

Before I sat down to figure out how to tackle 2015, I thought it would make sense to check in on what I set out to accomplish in 2014.

At the start of last year I simply made a pledge to do more, and I submitted several examples of things I might want to do more of – and thankfully, many of those things I was successful in doing more of.

Enjoying a 50th birthday cruise, ghost writing for a couple of my pals and dusting off my old six string are just a few tangible, concrete examples of doing more in 2014.

This years list will include being useful to others

This year’s list will include being useful to others

Forgive the digression, but I was chatting with another 50-something midlifer who was telling me about his aggressive fitness regimen – a regimen that starts at 4:30 in the morning. I asked this early riser if he gives himself a day or two during the week to sleep in.

He responded, “John, I’ve been sleeping in the past 25 years. It’s time to wake up and be productive!”

This year, I will work hard to be more productive and continue to do more, but as I mentioned in our earlier conversation, I want to focus on how I can do more for others.

Bear with me as I toss out what might appear to be an awkward analogy.

For too often, I’ve been looking in the mirror and focusing on the reflection that appeared before me. Instead, I will view the mirror as more of a clear glass and train my focus beyond the needs of the guy staring back at me.

Like I said…awkward, but I think you get the idea.

Now I don’t plan on making any dramatic, drastic moves like joining the Peace Corps or something of that magnitude. I want to start small. What that looks like, I don’t know, but I will figure it out and when I do, I’ll share those insights with you.

It’s hard to believe I’ve begun the year with a pair of back to back serious, deep thinking posts. Trust me, we won’t continue this pattern. After all, if I’m going to do more for others, I certainly can start by making it a goal not to bore to death the one or two people who regularly read these pages.


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