Sunday Horoscope

My grandmother used to swear by her horoscope. I have vivid childhood memories of her reviewing the daily astrological predictions. She wouldn’t stop at her forecast. She’d review the family’s daily prognostication and that of any neighbors who might have happened by for a morning cup of coffee.

Even as a kid, I never took those predictions too seriously. Even though – I must admit – over the years I did continue to check in from time to time on what the stars had in store for me.

Now, since I get most of my daily news digitally, I don’t have get much of a chance to check in on my daily foretelling – at least not in the same manner and format as my grandmother’s daily practice.

Except on Sunday.

The Sunday paper is the only old school printed paper I still read from cover to cover – even though any breaking news I’ve likely been made aware of hours before on my trusty mobile communications device (My views on print vs. digital news distribution and absorption might serve as the topic of a future conversation).

Every now and then the stars get it right!

Every now and then the stars get it right!

Yes, part of my Sunday paper ritual is a review of the daily horoscope. Please forgive the lengthy set up, but this is why we’re gathered here today.

I’d like to share with you some thoughts on the forecast I received this morning.

Today’s horoscope said (paraphrasing) No one likes the know-it-all until the time comes when no one else seems to know anything.

No, I’m not suggesting that I am that know it all referenced in today’s mystical prediction. It may simply be that I’ve been in situations where things grind to a halt because no one is willing to step up and take action (I might be Viennese Waltzing my way around my editorial policy against matters too close to  the 9 to 5, so I think I’ll pump my brakes just a bit).

I found today’s horoscope quite appropriate on the fourth day of a new year. We can’t be afraid to take action – even if it means being branded a know it all. Stepping up and trying to help solve a problem or accomplish a task is often a better alternative than siding with those who favor stagnation, indecision and inaction.

To borrow and paraphrase the Bard, The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.



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