Into each life some rain must fall.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The McCullough Nature Conservatory has grown by one. Please say hello to Rain (Creatively named after the classic spiritual Didn’t it Rain)

My incredibly hip mother-in-law who is also Zoe’s grandmother lovingly gave this beautiful animal to us, and he is adapting very quickly to his new family and new surroundings.ZGM Rain 5-25-15

What’s fascinating is watching the interplay between the charter member of the McCullough Zoo — Rocky — and his new housemate. Both animals are six years old but that’s where the similarity ends.

Rain, a purebred Shih Tzu, is a retired, award-winning show dog. Rocky, a mixed breed Pug/ Beagle, is a rescue dog who doesn’t know AKC from KFC. But yet these two irresistible hounds are getting along rather nicely.

Now normally this is where I’d go off on a deep philosophical rant about how two disparate souls from different backgrounds and upbringings can get along harmoniously.

Yes, right about now, I’d do a perfect cross fit like box jump on to my soap box and go all can’t we all just get along on you.

The Boys

Both dogs are highly trained in the fine art of chilling

This is about the time I’d use Rocky and Rain’s new relationship as a metaphor to represent how two beings who are worlds apart when brought together in a loving environment should be able to co-exist with very little struggle.

Yes, this is the time I’d get (In the very subtle style long time readers of these pages are familiar with) preachy.

But that will have to wait.

It’s my day off and I really want to get back to playing with my new dog.

Welcome to the family Rain!


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