The Management

I was born in the mid 60s, reared in the 70s, partied through the 80s, paid for it in the 90s and as you will read in these pages, I’m holding no regrets in the 00s and beyond.

To earn a living, I am a business communications professional, who’s spent much of the past 20 years communicating stories dealing with people, products and politics. For more on that, drop over to LinkedIn and check out my profile and if you’re really interested, check out my professional portfolio.

The Midlife Chronicles is about reflecting on my life’s first half and looking ahead at the possibilities awaiting in the second.



  1. dewagoner

    I have been enjoying a few of your posts. Today I opened a WordPress account and will begin blogging on the same general topic as yours. Your site was the first I came across that addressed this time of life! It will be great to share insights and experiences.


  2. Angela Johnson

    hi John, so happy to hear about your journey. Have you listened to rhe Alchemist yet? email me at work so i can have your email address. I’m looking forward to reading from your blog. Take cate


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